Kakaako is the breeding ground of new businesses and trendy hot spots. PIggy Smalls is the testament to this fact. This trendy hipster lunch and dinner eatery boasts neon lights, street art and their famous banh mi dip sandwich.

Know around Honolulu as the go-to spot for crunchy warm bread and the optional side noodle pho dish, Piggy Smalls is a versatile restaurant sure to impress. Complete with an open kitchen format and an Los Angeles or Brooklyn vibe PIggy Smalls makes a statement in it’s decor alone.

The restaurant was established after the first success of their sister location in Chinatown, The Pig and the Lady. Taking on the same concept of open market layout and farm to table menu items from local sources, even picky eaters are able to find their next favorite dish here.

Be sure to make a reservation here as this place usually fills up for dinner and has a line in front most of the time. If you are interested in lunch, also get here early.

CondoKakaako Insider Tip: Vegetarian or not - the veggie pho is simply the best pho in Kakaako The broth is an explosion of flavor unlike anything we have tasted before.